You may have heard that throwing is related to good footwork — and it’s true. Great throws begin with great feet. But what exactly do “good feet” look like?

Good feet move quickly and efficiently, and keep the body balanced and powerful. The best part is, good feet can be learned — and will result in strong, accurate throws.

The key to good footwork is staying on the “T”. Wait, what? Have you ever used a batting tee to improve your hitting? Well guess what? There’s a “catcher’s T” that is used for drills to improve your throws to second base. Catchers can learn how the “T” helps footwork by
contacting me today.

Catchers – by using the “T” you can learn to improve your:

  • Raw arm strength and velocity
  • Exchange from glove to hand
  • Throwing grip
  • Throwing motion
  • Footwork
  • Throws to second base
  • Throws to first base
  • Throws to third base
  • Glove-to-glove time on throws to second base

Contact me today to improve you throwing technique, arm strength, and accuracy.