Most catchers spend so much time trying to improve their throwing, they forget to work on their most important responsibility — catching! But guess what? The throw begins with the catch.

Ironically, most catchers are not taught the proper way to catch a baseball — it’s a skill that is either taken for granted or not fully understood. The catchers who are taught something are often taught the wrong thing — and yes, there is a “right” way and “wrong” way to receive a pitch.

Nearly all catchers catch the BACK of the ball when you almost always want to catch the SIDE of the ball. Wait — a round ball has sides? Yes it does, and you can learn from me how that’s possible.

Oh and by the way, “framing” is not a good thing — in fact, it is a practice that will LOSE more strikes than are gained. Once a catcher learns the proper way to catch strikes when they’re strikes, there is no need to do silly things like try to fool the umpire.

Want to learn the proper way to catch a baseball? During receiving sessions, you will learn these fundamentals of catching:

  • Stance: Giving the signs
  • Stance: No runners on
  • Stance: Runners on
  • Catching: High pitches
  • Catching: Low pitches
  • Catching: Inside pitches
  • Catching: Outside pitches

Contact me today to learn the proper way to set yourself up and receive the ball. Once you accomplish the most basic of all catching fundamentals, you will not only be more confident in your abilities, but you will also become the catcher that every pitcher wants to throw to. Further, umpires will respect you and give you more of those close calls.