Coaching Catchers

Are You a Baseball or Softball Coach Who Wants a Solid Backstop?

It’s great to have an athlete at shortstop, but how lucky would you feel to have a top-notch catcher behind the plate? As you already know, pitching is the key to success, but an unskilled catcher can lose strikes, disrupt a pitcher’s rhythm, and allow the opposition to take extra bases. In contrast, having a strong catcher is the foundation of every successful team’s defense. Can you name a World Series team that didn’t have a great catcher leading the “up the middle” defense?

In just a few sessions, you will learn how to “know” a catcher when you see one, which member of your team has the ideal skills to crouch behind the plate, and what simple drills you can add to your practice routine to develop a fundamentally sound catching corps. Contact me today to start learning how to teach your catchers.